Recession-proof inflatable’s


Posted by admin | Posted in News | Posted on 22-02-2010

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Recession is a scary word, especially when it hits close to home during the economic crisis. It is a word that doesn’t affect many until they in turn are affected by the aftershock of it all. A vast majority of people won’t ever be sidetracked by this recession in a way that is even noticeable. However, to those who have felt the results of this great recession, lift around us still goes on. While the easiest route is to worry and put stress in our life, this life is the only one that we all have. When you look back on these times, the recession should not even be an afterthought.

In an economic recession, I’d rather that in order to get out of this recession, that the people be spending their money, not the government trying to figure out how to spend the people’s money.” ~George W. Bush

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