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Nowadays there are many forms of inflatable equipment that can be fun on the market. Some of these great inflatables include bounce courses, tunnels, obstacles, slides and water slides. When it gets hot in summer days, what toys will keep you cool and excitement? The answer lies in inflatable water slides.

Inflatable water slide is a unique approach to a classic form of fun. These units are designed to be wet and are completely safe. They are perfect for hot summer days. There is nothing more refreshing and fun than sliding from the top of a water slide or running and diving into an inflatable pool.

There are various forms of slides in our General Group. Some slides have straight and downward slopes while others have twists and turns for extra excitement when you go down from them. Other slides have several rotations before you reach the end. When you have a desire to buy a water slide, you will find a suitable water slide on our website.

Safety is a high priority, especially with kid’s water toys. You don’t want something that might have danger to your kids. There are many safety related issues with outdoor toys, such as surface temperature of the toy in the sun, parts that stick out and the possibility of getting caught in something. So when you kids have fun on the water slide, as parents, you should pay close attention to them. Children are so much fun to watch when they are having fun. Watching kids on an inflatable water slide is hilarious. They are wet. They are screaming. They are sliding. They are having fun!

General Group carries a wide variety of inflatable water slides, perfect for any yard! Browse through our line of inflatable water slides and pick one that’s perfect for your child! General Group offers a full line of water slides,inflatable bouncers, tunnels, obstacles that are built to last a lifetime.

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